Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Chicken Hawk

The last thing we do when we’re ill is show our usually-stunning faces in public. While there’s nothing wrong with losing a few extra pounds the good ol’ fashioned way (the flu or malaria), looking gaunt in public without a professional halo light (the kind Babs demands for interviews) following our every step isn’t our ideal way to cruise, even if it’s only chicken we’re hunting (they tend to be less discriminating).

To save our model-esque reputations from going the way of Naomi, Spoonful of Comfort delivers homemade chicken soup to our doors, keeping our puffy faces and red noses out of the gossip rags (or what our therapist refers to as our egos).

Launched with love by a daughter who lost her mother to lung cancer, Spoonful of Comfort hand makes each small (kept limited to maintain strong flavors) batch of chicken soup from scratch, without preservatives.

The Americana-style soup is more crowded with chicken than an after hours at Kevin Spacey’s penthouse, and packed with other traditional ingredients like onion, garlic, pasta noodles, carrots and celery.

We order the soup largely for ourselves, but just in case we get a wild, generous hair up our booties (which Ulga will promptly wax) and decide to ship it off to a sick loved one, Spoonful of Comfort will add a personalized “Feel Better Soon” card with each order… as it should for a $32 vat of soup.

We think it might be the most expensive liquid this side of the printer cartridge aisle at Staples, but its surefire and long-touted cold-remedy benefits make it seem worth the price.

Then again, that could be our cold talking.

$32 for 64 oz. (3 – 4 servings)