Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Lay Down Your Weapons

Sure, we never need extra incentive to tip a glass of Malbec to our lips or to invite our cuddle buddy over for 30 mins an hour the night, but Sade’s latest, Solider of Love, certainly adds extra encouragement for us to engage in those actions.

Though the sultry chanteuse helped an entire generation’s ankles rise to full mast in the 90s, we might’ve considered our contemporary dance/pop-beat corroded souls immune to Sade’s ambience this day in age.

We were wrong.

The arousing new offering has melted this misconception of our hardened adulthoods faster than Sarah Palin can read a scribbled note off the backside of her Lubriderm’d trigger finger.

While the entire album is as mood-enhancing as a Bruce Weber shoot for Abercrombie, selections like the marching-beat title-track, “Soldier of Love,” the country-western flavored offering (that we surely provided inspiration for), “Be That Easy,” and the upbeat anthem appropriate for every gay lounge, “Bring Me Home,” are standouts.

But really, from start to finish, the complete release provides the unparalleled ambiance that only Sade can deliver.

In fact, at the risk of starting a catfight, we don’t even think Taylor Lautner’s now-legal nipples are as smooth as “Soldier of Love”…

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