Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

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The search for our true selves seems never-ending, no matter the amount of hours we spend searching the bottoms of martini glasses or number of skin layers we have dermabrasioned off in the hunt.

But a favorite label of ours is streamlining the search for our true identity by letting us discover ourselves in the brand’s iconic designer bags; that’s right, move over leather-emblazoned “L” and “V”, it’s our initials that garner envious stares now.

Like any sexy item we’ve ever taken home, the MyMonogram program for Louis Vuitton’s line of bags will leave as quickly as it came. But there’s still about a month left to take advantage of the limited-time offer to customize your favorite LV bags with not only a monogram of choice, but with colors and stripes as well as their placement on the luxury goods.

Three bags are available for customization to let your inner-fashion designer out of the closet, but we’d only recommend adding extra flare to LV’s duffel-like Keepall or the Pegase line of suitcases.

While we’re fans of the third option – the Speedy line of man-purses, adding our initials to an accessory that already screams plenty about us is more redundancy than our princess canopy beds can handle.

Prices vary
MyMonogram customization is available for a limited time