Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Spanx You Very Much

La Toya Jackson might land more detective work now that Spanx is about to get involved under men’s shirts quicker than us after two or seven martinis.

That’s right, the product that’s been the pop-culture punch line in all geriatric lady caricatures is prepping a line of undershirts for men, launching soon.

This means that you won’t know if the sugar daddy you’re rubbing up against three mojitos into Drag Queen Bingo is seriously svelte or if he’s just tucked more than Lady Gaga – which is where La Toya and her magnifying glass will come in hand-jobby.

In the same vein as, but less sporty than, the athletic supporting tees from Equmen we pointed your fabulous faces toward last year, Spanx’s foray onto our off-season Bellini-bellies is another welcome entry into the contouring market for men.

All the usual benefits of sports undershirts are there – firming, tucking, compression, posture, confidence – but along with the Spanx brand name that has helped Cougar’s claim their prey for a few years now.

Whether it will be Cou-gays teasing us with Spanx-hardened pecs or the bear on the barstool tidying up his sexy stomach, there will surely be a few of us bending over to get Spanx in the near future…

$55 – $58
Spanx white undershirts for men launches mid-March; black tees available in April