Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Let Dirty, Dirty Boys

We might have to start getting dirty.

The one area of our lives where we’re as clean as Johnny Weir’s eyebrows would happen to be our living spaces, but our OCD days shared with the Dyson are short-lived now that we’ve discovered Jockstrap Maid Service.

Yet another glorious entry into the book of life we like to call “a million uses for a jock strap,” the clever cleaning service lets you get rid of Desmonia and hire Dirk Diggler.

Available in about 40 cities and growing, Jockstrap Maid Service is as gorgeous an idea as the luscious pair of hams you’ll soon be gazing into after purposefully spilling creatine all over your lower-level kitchen shelves.

Sure, the jokes might have come easier had this been a Jockstrap Plumbing Service (patent-pending, patent-pending, patent-pending!), but the demographics of sexy men with at least a hint of a cleaning skill are much more vast.

That, coupled with the current job market, means there are plenty of jock strap maids available who are hot enough to make us not care one bit how well they dust the armoire.

Sometimes a shitty economy can be a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Jockstrap Maid Service is available in select areas
Rates vary