Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pulling The Gay Card

Not all occasions call for scantily-clad muscle men, though we’re hard hard-pressed to think of any off the top/bottom of our heads.

It may sound like the latest gay hookup site, but Him to Him actually produces the opposite: thoughtful, sentimental goods for those few moments when sex doesn’t sell.

In those off times – death, sickness, anniversary of friends – we’d rather not distinguish ourselves with cartoon phalluses or oiled-Chippendales printed on cheap card stock and purchased on a last-minute lube-run; instead, Him to Him provides refined, contemporary-designs that speak softly to our community, rather than the usual gay-oriented novelty cards, which yell vulgarly like Andy Dick on uppers.

Evidence of its mature approach to the market, cards from Him to Him include opening lines like “To My Partner,” “Congratulations,” and “The Big Day – Celebrating Your Commitment Ceremony,” among others.

Yea, the card company’s collection doesn’t boast as much flare – or glitter or skin – as its niche competition for that matter, but it’s nice to embrace the more masculine side of the community, in ways that don’t involve us “embracing” it while donning knee pads.

Prices vary