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Small Hands, Big Flavor

Usually small hands are a red flag. Even with a few cocktails down the hatch. But we decided to go out on a limp limb and give the boutique cocktail ingredients from Small Hands Foods a chance.

For starters, the small-batch San Francisco-based company produces unique pairings for cocktails that you’d be hard pressed to find taking up real estate on any queen’s minibar next to Red Bull and cran-apple juice: gum syrup – a kickback to the days when bartenders really cared about their creations – is a sugary concoction that not only adds sweetness, but viscosity (as in a weighty texture) to a drink (we’ll always take it weightier); orgeat, an almond syrup that makes absinthe go down even easier (which we’re not sure is a good thing considering the last time we imbibed the licorice-tasting spirit).

Along with variously flavored gum syrups (raspberry, pineapple), Small Hands Mixers manufactures a too-cry-for grenadine that surely can’t be found at the local Targay.

Fun fact: while our contemporary idea of grenadine involves an intense cherry flavor, the syrupy mixer originated as a pomegranate invention. Small Hands returns it to its pomegranate glory days and even kicks it up a notch by refusing to use high fructose corn syrup in its production, as most grenadines today do.

Since we can’t exactly feel guilt-free about the alcohol portion of a cocktail at least we now have chance to ease our conscience over the other ingredients.

The glass if half full!

Gum Syrups, $12
Pomegranate Grenadine, $11



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