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Boy, Oh Boy, Boitano!

When we first heard the question, “What Would Brian Boitano Make?” we hoped the answer was “Sweet love to us.”

But no, it was simply the name of his Food Network Show, which we also fell madly in love with last season.

Long before his cooking show debuted, we were huge fans of the Olympic figure skater who knew how to rock a sequined bodysuit, and who also made the “Spread Eagle” move famous. (sigh)

If you happened to miss Season 1 of WWBBM, trust us: the show is hilarious, informative and completely addictive. It’s by far our favorite show on Food Network. And that’s saying a lot, because half our TiVo is filled with Food Network shows (and obviously, the other half with fitness shows).

And in a strange convergence, it’s our network of choice at the gym.

Each episode opens with perhaps the most famous South Park song ever, “What Would Brian Boitano Do?,” proving that not only does he have a wicked sense of humor, but also that more than ever Pop Culture begets Pop Culture.

Even people who don’t cook will find the show entertaining. Brian’s sassy, quick-witted and talented with a garlic chopper. The show’s far less about the recipes and more about his weekly food adventures, whether throwing a rooftop surprise party or hosting a cocktail hour for 15 bachelorettes to help find his friend a date.

In the first episode of Season 2, Brian invites his married couple friends over for a Parent’s Night Out, sans their children. Not only does he agree to cook them all dinner, but he offers to babysit their kiddos, too. Hilarity, and molten chocolate cakes, ensue.

Each episode is filled with music, sound effects, dream sequences and even a “plot” of sorts. All the hard work (chopping, grating, julienne-ing) is typically done off camera so his recipes come together magically quick.

But you know what? We’ve tried several of his first-season recipes and they’re actually amazingly delicious. (Plus, nothing makes us feel closer to our precious BB than when making his Spanish Tortilla and White Wine Sangria.

It’s like we’re right there in the bedroom kitchen with him.

What Would Brian Boitano Make?
Premieres Sunday, March 7, 2010