Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Cut Us Some Flasks

A recession is the ideal time for BYOB to experience a renaissance, especially when a cocktail at the local gay watering hole costs upwards of $40 – as well as our dignity as we find a sugar suitor to pay for it. Obviously classier than bringing in our own bottles of Jack or Goose wrapped in Trader Joe’s paper bags are flasks. As your fairy godfathers, we’re here to help in case you need some help in this reemerging area of nightlife etiquette. The masculine, unique mobile vessels below might help you get started on the right foot flask.

Leather Flasks from Hardwick Leather Goods

If you’d really like to revisit the era before capitalism made collections departments rich, look no further than the rustic leather flasks from Hardwick Leather Goods.

Drinking from leather is the oldest known method of imbibing and dates back to the Neolithic period. Just ask Cher!

Aside from their historic importance in the wonderful world of drinking, leather vessels have an inherent masculinity that will immediately balance out the cosmo or raspberry sex on the beach we might be pouring into them.

$29 – $48

Cork Pops Nicholas Portside Flasks

Despite the economic recession we can always muster up enough funds for a ticket on the next Atlantis cruise. We may have to cut out our Listerine strip dinners for an entire month, but Caribbean, here we come!

Because of our nautical obsession, the portside flask from Cork Pops is an obvious favorite. They unique flasks come in even handier when we’re actually on a cruise and sick of returning to our cabins every fifteen minutes hour to refill our cups!