Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hashin’ It Out

It’s so good to be back. After several months in Brunch Rehab with Dr. Drew, we’re re-launching our Brunch of the Month feature to point you to the city’s best purveyors of the breakfast-lunch hybrid (look at how eco-friendly we are).

That DISH is one of our favorite new restaurants is no big secret so when we heard about their new southern-cookin’ brunch menu, well, that was just the best thing since sliced cornbread.

Five-dollar Absolut Peppar Bloody Marys are the perfect start. They’re amazing and feature a miniature salad bar of pickled veggies skewered on a bamboo pick just to make you feel like Dr. Oz would approve of how healthy your cocktails have gotten. The mix isn’t homemade, but they use our favorite bottled bloody mix, Zing Zang, so we’re not complaining a bit.

For years now, we’ve enjoyed the beauty of the brunch appetizer, ordering biscuits and gravy or pancakes for the entire table to calm the raging beast called Hangover Hunger, but the servers always give us a puzzled look like our wigs aren’t on straight.

Well, DISH has our back and actually offers RIGHT THERE ON THE MENU, a delightful category of Brunch Starters. The best of the bunch? Sunny Side Up Flatbread, with apple smoked bacon, sliced potato, fresh rosemary, chipotle cheddar cheese and a fried egg on top for breaking open over all the delicious pieces. It’s more than big enough to share, but it could make for a great entrée for one person, too. Crispy, buttery, creamy and bacony. Wow.

Egg dishes run the gamut from a Southern Platter of eggs, bacon, sausage and hash to Breakfast Tacos filled with chorizo and other goodies.

But it’s the DISH Skillet that had us purring like kittens (kittens who like eggs). They start with their famous short ribs on a bed of crispy-tender potatoes, crumble apple smoked bacon over it all and then top it with three poached eggs. The succulent short ribs combine with the egg yolk, potatoes and a not-listed-on-the-menu hollandaise sauce for a satisfying, comforting meal.

Then there’s the Fried Chicken and Waffles, elevated to a new level thanks to the plump, juicy chicken breast fried in bacon grease. Warm maple butter (and real maple syrup) make this one of the best chicken-and-waffle plates in town. And surprisingly, it’s not overwhelming in portion size or richness, simply perfect.

The Classic Benedict was the only thing we tried that didn’t win us over, but with so many more interesting and unique options, this is not the time to go for an old standby.

Though we didn’t have room for it, we saw a DISH Breakfast Croissant pass our table and we’re going to get that next time. It’s the size of a small child and looked absolutely scrumptious.

There are plenty of non-breakfast options for the egg haters out there and now’s the perfect time to enjoy the gorgeous DISH patio over a leisurely mid-day meal. The Saturday crowd is small, for now, but Sunday is bustling with beautiful people and the best place to see and be seen on Cedar Springs.

We’ll drink to that.

4123 Cedar Springs Road (inside ilume), Dallas
(214) 522-3474