Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

How To Succeed

Besides giving good head, we gays give good face and say whatever each other wants to hear before turning our sculpted back to reveal how we really feel.

In fact, if it weren’t for the stalls at the Eagle or the irreverent drag queens at brunch, we might never know the truth about what others thought of us. But even these two methods of enlightenment only mention the physical, whether it’s our knack for drooling or our disorienting decision to contradict plaids.

When we need to work on what’s inside (not the same kind of “work” that got us scribbled above a porcelain urinal in the first place), where do we turn? How about www.failin.gs, now in beta, to start?

The new online service seeks to improve our characters in ways other social-network-like sites can’t: anonymously.

After signing up and adding friends, your network is then free to provide digital constructive criticisms (like, “always tardy to the party”) under a veil of anonymity.

Other friends are then asked to agree or disagree and comment on your shortcomings, all played out right on your browser for you to categorize, cry over an entire cheesecake about, and finally, decide to work on.

Sure, it will take a lot for us to take the homo hint and admit we’re not perfect – actually, that’s one of our anonymous friend’s comments that just went up on Failings…

Free and in beta now