Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


The rainbow motif will only get you so far. We’re just as Proud as the next Mary, but once it’s time to sanctify our holy union, we prefer something a bit more solid than rainbow-tinted stripes of stainless steel around our fingers.

After all, if we can take anything away from the gay national anthem of 2009, it’s that we need a ring on it, and diamonds just happen to be a gay’s best friend.

Just getting its cold feet wet in the arena of our unions/marriages is the D.C.-area Mervis Diamond Importers, which launched its first line of engagement and wedding bands specifically for same-sex couples late last month.

As eager as we were at 12 to jump right into the gay community, the capitol-city jeweler even hosted a coming out party along with LGBT-wedding planners from the Beltway area.

But our one trick minds are focused on the precious (said with Lord of the Rings style intonation), rather than the party. A respected jeweler since the 1860s (we believe its inaugural wedding bands were crafted specially for Larry King’s first marriage), the South-African originating Mervis’ rings are elegant, stately and a bit different than anything found at the circuit tent on the Pride Parade grounds, which make our fingers more excited than they were flicking through the scandalous pics that landed on our iPhones from Sydney’s Mardi Gras.

If you want to go more gay-traditional but still stay away from rainbows or upside down triangles for this singular occasion, the ubiquitous LGBT online jeweler Love & Pride continues to add novel new designs to its wedding band and engagement ring selections, such as our favorite, the jeweler’s 18k white gold 5 stone diamond ring (pictured, $2,495).

Hopefully Grindr will lead us to Mr. Right who will finally give us something to put our fingers through…

Mervis Diamond Importers

Love and Pride