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Stealth Bomber

It’s never easy to cover trick tracks.

First MySpace, then Facebook, Connexion and Twitter each took turns making turning tricks a public affair. But finally technology has come to our rescue with an app designed for discretion: Tiger Text.

Though it requires cooperation on both your end and the other user’s end, those who decide to go double-ended can utilize the new iPhone and Blackberry app to erase all evidence of text messages on the phones of any sender or receiver who has Tiger Text installed.

Then, messages drafted through Tiger Text can be assigned a deletion time, whether two hours after sending (regardless if the message is read or not) or to be deleted after opened.

Once deleted, Tiger Text assures users that the stealth messages completely vanish from the phones of the sender and receiver, as well as from the carrier’s database!

Now if they only could come up with another app to make covert apps like these invisible on our iPhone screens! Nothing like our latest beau stumbling upon the Tiger Text icon to thwart the entire operation…

First 100 messages in 15 days, free
250 messages a month, $1.49
Available for iPhone & Blackberry