Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Strip ‘N Clip

Free underwear.

That’s quite possibly the most popular phrase in the English language to a gay man. Well, maybe second only to “free cocktails” or “Ann Coulter Public Hanging, 2:00 p.m.”

There’s a sexy new underwear brand on the U.S. scene called 2wink Australia. And they want to send you a free pair of their super-hot skivvies. But you have to prove your worthiness by giving up a sacrifice to the underwear gods.

That’s right. Simply send in a photograph or video of you destroying a pair of name-brand underwear (sorry, not that pair of used Colvin Klarns you got at the thrift store). For your loss, they’ll send the first thousand eligible respondents a free pair of 2wink briefs. It’s that simple.

But you better act fast. The contest starts today and only lasts two weeks, but you know the gays, those thousand pairs of free underwear will be snatched up faster than the only used Honda at a Toyota dealership.

So strip down, pull off your underwear and send us the photos. Then, rip the underwear to shreds and send those pics or videos to 2wink, stand naked by the mailbox and wait for the postman to deliver the goods.


Contest Rules:
The “Cut Up Your Old Underwear” campaign will launch on March 15, 2010. Entries must be received no later than two weeks from the start of the campaign. All brand labels are eligible. Limit is 1,000 pairs of underwear. Entries must be sent via video or jpeg format by e-mail to events@2wink.com.au, and agree to 2wink Pty. Ltd. using for marketing purposes. Entries must include preferred underwear size, mailing address and contact details for participant. Limit one free pair per contact.

Second Chance Contest
Send your underwear photos or videos to editor@gaylistdaily.com for a chance to win a free pair from us. We’ll select one winner from all eligible entries received by March 31, 2010. Mark your email subject line: 2wink Contest.

Good luck!