Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Table Tricks

Usually, trans procedures completed by a quick slight of hands can only be bartered for in back alleys in Bangkok. But quick-handed reassignment procedures stateside and in the UK are now possible in the form of Duffy London’s Trans Furniture coffee table with a minimal (as in zero) risk.

Before finding Duffy’s transformational (in all senses of the word) piece, dinner parties in our cramped cosmopolitan abodes were spread out across bar stools, sofas, love seats and anything else we could conjure up for proper seating-to-surface ratios.

But the UK design house’s transforming coffee table makes such a fête feat in a small space more manageable.

In two-quick hand motions – less wrist work than what is required for most fun endeavors in our apartment – the Trans Furniture morphs from a sleekly modern coffee table into an even sleeker dining room table, or large desk if, like us, your oven is used as extra storage space.

With such functionality, the transformers given to us by Duffy are far less disappointing than any from our childhood ruined by Shia Labeouf or that hot piece that almost (not quite) makes us wonder what being hetero is like.

Ships from the UK in four to six weeks