Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Adventures of Bachmann

Never has a comic book villain been so frightening. When you possess the internal ugliness that makes the Joker or Green Goblin look like beauty pageant queens (who are often villainesses these days, too), you know you have what it takes to give children nightmares and land your own comic book series.

It makes sense, then, that Michele Bachmann, up for reelection this November as a US Representative for Minnesota, has been given her own series, False Witness, created by the tongue-in-ass-cheek named Biased Liberal Media.

While the world of False Witness is more frightening than anything that’s ever happened in Gotham because the action in this comic series is (unfortunately) real, seeing the homophobic Tea Partier’s political story come to life in comic illustration seems appropriate for a woman who is a living caricature of herself.

With classic one-liners like “America is being menaced by gays!” and “Look at all those gays!” issue #3 in the new series is devoted entirely to Bachmann’s heartless attacks on her nemesis, otherwise known as the gay community.

Luckily, we think two of our favorite superheroes (and Bachmann’s notorious kryptonite), Evolution & Sanity, will eventually kick her bony ass in the battle.

Hopefully they make a guest appearance before midterm elections…

False Witness! The Michele Bachmann Story