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Now Boarding

The bespoke garment movement has touched more areas of our body this winter than the sun, or hot pairs of hands, for that matter. The latest in the fashion-industry trend to catch our Juvidermed eye is Shortomatic.

While more of the Speedo persuasion, there are certainly times and places well-swim-suited for board shorts – like a pool party at your sister’s or a trip to the Jersey Shore in a few months to hash out your gay Guido fantasy. (Here’s a helpful hint: give it two years and you’ll see The Situation’s outcalls-only ad in the back of the local gayzine!).

For either of those occasions or any other that call for board shorts, Shortomatic is the most unconventional way to go.

First, the brand boasts 100% customizable shorts, with options for bespoke britches that include uploading your very own JPEG!

While it’s become de rigueur for customizing companies to offer lazy queens like us galleries of pre-customized options to choose from, Shortomatic does a bit better than its ilk with ultra-unique artist series board shorts.

But with all the possible personal options, we’ll down a Red Line and let our inner bossy bottoms shine with a unique swimsuit customization.

In fact, when we’re strutting the sands of Fire Island, Ginger Rogers, South Beach or Blacks Beach in two months time, the customizable board shorts from Shortomatic might be a better billboard for our Twitter URL than our Speedos – that is unless our Kim Kardashian Butt Blaster workout DVD starts to prove its mettle before Memorial Day…


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