Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Go Spartan!

Usually war movies lose our interest after boot camp or army barrack scenes, but something about the instant-classic 300 was different. We can’t put our fairy fingers on it, but in the years since its release we’ve had a thing for all-things Spartan.

Coincidentally, we also have a thing for daybeds, which is probably why we woke up in the ER today after a run-in with the vapors, sparked by Restoration Hardware’s Spartan Daybed.

Never have two such glorious words combined to form a more tantalizing union. Well, OK – maybe “strict top”, but lord Liberace knows those are harder to find than a Restoration Hardware outpost.

It’s a bit pricey for our quarterly pool budget (we’ll just have to cut pool boy’s uniform allotment), but we can’t think of anywhere we’d rather spend the upcoming warm months than spread out (and possibly spread eagle) on the Spartan Daybed.

The huge – and we never use the adjective lightly, as you surely know – mattress (109”W x 57”D) ensures that our accountant will need to get creative with our 2010 home office deduction because we might not set foot off the thing until late fall.

On top of that (literally), the Spartan Daybed is definitely big enough to host an army of whoever answers the casting call we’ve already posted to Craig’s List.

It might take some fuzzy logic to arrive at its relationship with Sparta, but gays like us can dream, can’t we? In fact, we now know of the perfect place for our Mary minds to drift off…

5” thick mattress, + $2,600