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A Wine-Win Situation

Some can turn water into wine. Now we can turn wine into water.

Before anybody gets their Ginch Gonches all twisted at the idea of devolving precious wine into water, let us explain: nearly one billion people in the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. For every bottle of vino purchased from Cellar Thief, the company will donate 100 days of fresh drinking water to those in need!

It’s one of the very rare occasions when drinking more than one glass a night results in an incredibly positive benefit.

This positive benefit includes exquisite selections of wine offered by the aforementioned Cellar Thief, a cute company we weren’t aware of until it decided to change the world. By offering limited quantities of only three bottled varietals at a time, the internet-based wine store can keep costs of perfectly-palatable selections at nearly 50% off their retail value.

But, it’s more about the charity than the wine, right? (Just nod yes.)

With our monthly wine consumption alone we might be able to help the entire sub-Saharan region as long as the good people at Cellar Thief continue the program…

Prices for Cellar Thief’s three bi-weekly selections vary
Order now before the fresh water program is ended!