Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Time For A Clocktail

We’ve developed an eerie sixth sense that has our biological clocks ticking down the minutes until happy hour (on second thought it might just be daily withdrawals), but we can always use a more physically penetrating reminder (who couldn’t?) of the joyous hour’s approach.

We let Pride shine in all aspects of our life, and if it’s always five o’clock somewhere, then somewhere is now over our rainbow wrist tattoo in the form of the ingenious Happy Hour Timepiece.

With a face that – much like ours once we return from lunch – only cares about five o’clock (it’s the only hour numeral depicted on the watch), it’s much easier to grin our veneers and bare those pointless hours before (and after) happy hour.

But the fun doesn’t stop with its face. Our shared similarities with the timepiece continue once you turn it over to reveal an even more mouthwatering feature – a bottle opener cleverly incorporated into the band’s strap.

It may not be a Dior or of the highest aesthetic pleasure, but it wins us over with a thick black leather strap and functions – happy hour countdown and bottle opener – that actually come in handy (pun intended) on a watch.

And anyways, by the time the big hand rests on the six o’clock slab, all we care about in such a tipsy state is which big hands are resting in ours and not what’s wrapped around them.

$49.95 for a limited time