Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Get It ST.A.R.T.ED

Allergies may be blossoming right along with spring, but gay allergies never subside.

We break out in hives under fluorescent lighting, sneeze uncontrollably when near faux Prada, and are temporarily blinded by interior decoration concepts that don’t flow or complement each other.

Like a shot of Flonase – or Homonase, if you will – is the just launched modular collection from the Brooklyn husband and wife duo known as A.R.T.

By giving art-aficionados a wide choice of designs that join in effortless, buoyant conversation with one another, modulART from A.R.T. makes the job of adding artful flare to interior spaces easier than it was getting Betty White on SNL!

After navigating A.R.T.’s newly minted e-shop, customers can pick and choose from contemporary single modules to form a chain of dazzling design and end up with a final installation that’s not unlike the wall decal trend we spotted last year that seems to be catching on (pause to pat ourselves on our V-tapered backs).

The beauty of the collection remains in how each piece is arranged, which is left entirely to the hands and eye of the consumer.

Speaking of hands and eyes, our living room hasn’t seen this many cute little pieces linked together since the great Daisy Chain Party of ’08!

Prices range from $45 – $65 per module