Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Mutual Slack Off

Slacking off is an art form. Cubicle warriors must be skilled in the art to keep their jobs and their sanity in harmony.

Luckily, we adore our duty of putting hot heaping loads of daily gay in your inbox each morning, but we understand why other desk jockeys might not want to stare at expense reports until their gorgeous eye’s are more bloodshot than Snoop Dogg’s.

Facebook (and work-safe Connexion) may have held an edge on the slacking-off market, but newcomer CantYouSeeImBusy.com is here to steal our Mary minds away from the daily grind.

Ingenious in its simplicity, the Internet game site is unlike the gajillions of others we come across in our extensive office-time “testing.”

While we’ve only really used spreadsheets to keep track of the men we’re currently juggling (sometimes literally), we’re now becoming more familiar with the ubiquitous program, thanks to CantYouSeeI’mBusy.com’s Cost Cutter creation. A quick-thinking game of color-matching, the action in Cost Cutter all takes place within a covertly-designed spreadsheet to beguile those pesky office snitches keeping their eyes over your shoulders.

As with the other two diversions offered by the site (Breakdown, similar to Brick Breaker but built into a Word .doc, and Leadership, a spaceship thriller assembled into an earnings report), Cost Cutter can be instantly paused to remove all game paraphernalia from the spreadsheet, and even outfitted to include your company’s name at the top of each fake file!

Now if there were only a way to mask those other websites we shouldn’t be looking at online while at our desk…

Free (though the site does wage how much its games cost the economy)