Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Same-Sex Wed-itorials

We’re here. We’re queer. And we’re registered at Crate & Barrel.

There may only be a handful (we like those…) of international and American locales the LGBT can go to legally wed, but there’s finally one singular destination for the burgeoning same-sex wedding industry to congregate: Equally Wed Magazine.

The recently launched online publication is the nation’s premiere wedding magazine devoted entirely to the GLBT community, and the honeymoon period has been nothing but blissful, largely due to its keen versatility (we like that, too…) of focus on male and female couples alike.

As the latest to enter the arena, chapel, white-sand beach, synagogue or whichever venue you hope hosts your dream wedding, Equally Wed boasts content that pays thoughtful, equal attention to gays and lesbians, as well as each gender variation therein – a rare motif in any segment, market or medium of the modern polarized LGBT community.

We’ve been browsing bridal mags since before we carried our first pomander down the aisle of our dad’s sixth wedding, but Equally Wed marks the first time we feel both engaged (sorry for the pun) and included in a wedding publication.

While Equally Wed’s main features are produced quarterly, certain departments (Beauty & Grooming, Honeymoons, Health & Fitness, Planning, Engagement, Etiquette and Fashion) are updated more often to keep bridal-crazed gays like us from going into wedding withdrawals.

So we’ve finally got our own magazine devoted to weddings – now we just need the prince charming to complete the idyllic picture…