Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Dallas Has A New JR

A couple years ago, when we were in our late teens, we didn’t think there was really a difference between a $10 haircut and a $100 haircut other than $90 that could be better spent on taking our girlfriend to the malt shop and a drive-in movie after Bible study. (Yes, we were in serious denial.)

But as we’ve become more sophisticated (and exponentially gayer), we now understand that that $90 difference could be the deciding factor in whether we get that raise at work, or more importantly, that date after work.

So we’ve made it a habit of indulging where our follicles are concerned. So if you ever see us inside a Supercuts, call 911. We’ve likely been kidnapped and forced to participate in an elaborate terrorist scheme. There could be no other logical explanation.

At Johnny Rodriguez Salon in Inwood Village Shopping Center, we experienced a hair ritual we could really get used to: a luxurious scalp massage (or as we now call it, “Ten Minutes in Heaven”).

Even as we write this, we’re saddened that we don’t have a personal assistant assigned to give us this treatment every morning. Perhaps we’ll have to reassign one of our other assistants, either the gal in charge of flossing our dogs’ teeth or the guy who makes sure our nipple hair all points in the same direction.

But it’s not just the scalp massage that sets Johnny Rodriguez apart. They have entire scalp rituals, some lasting almost an hour so your hair will be at its healthiest, whether you’re sporting a Fabio cry-for-attention ’do or just need a little extra shine on your Dr. Evil dome.

Then, and only then, will your hair be ready for a cut by handsome Johnny himself (or his gorgeous wife, Kate, who styles right next to him). They’re like the Angelina and Brad of hair stylists, except you’re the center of attention. They take the time to get to know your hair on a first-mane basis and carefully create a look that will leave people breathless as you pass them on the street.

Or in our case, more breathless than usual.

Cuts start at $45
Johnny Rodriguez Salon
Inwood Village Shopping Center
5450 West Lovers Lane, Suite 229, Dallas
(behind the Inwood Theater)
(214) 987-1919