Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Jazz Hands & Bible Bangers

At first, we were a little frightened. Some “big gay” movies we get in our mailbox aren’t exactly worth the effort of bending over and hitting OPEN on our DVD player, let alone taking the time to write a review.

That’s where The Big Gay Musical differs. It’s at once hilarious, poignant and populated with the most gorgeous male stars this side of 60 Minutes.

Plus, the songs are completely addictive and filled with the kind of off-color humor we typically reserve for the funerals of loved ones.

The first few minutes gave us a little pause, but we promise, after everything is set up, things start to hum along nicely.

The film features an Off-Broadway musical-within-a-musical, Adam and Steve: Just the Way God Made ’Em, an irreverent re-imagining of religious history with a gay twist. In the musical, Paul (Daniel Robinson) and Eddie (Joey Dudding) are Adam and Steve. Offstage, Paul is on the hunt for Mr. Right and Eddie is coming to terms with the culture clash of his sexuality his ultra-religious parents, who are determined to come to New York to see the opening of his show.

There are parallels in the drama unfolding on the stage and in the actors’ real lives, but it’s the Adam and Steve moments that we loved most. It could’ve easily been a movie all its own, but by getting just the right dose of campiness mixed in with the melodrama on the other side, it’s the best of both worlds, sorta like the Seinfeld reunion was this past season on Curb Your Enthusiasm. The musical is populated with such greatness as insanely close-minded televangelists like Patty-Maye (a riff on the mascara-lovin’ Mrs. Bakker), a super-queeny version of God, and hot half-naked angels (not to mention really hot half-naked Adam and Steve).

The cast is filled with current Broadway stars, which means Hollywood-quality acting, singing and dancing in a low-budget-by-comparison film, a welcome change from the shot-in-my-basement types we see too often. Cameos include a funny-yet-awkward turn from Michael Musto and a surprisingly well-acted role for porn star Brent Corrigan as a hustler (shocker!).

The message of acceptance that’s portrayed both in the musical and in the movie is uplifting and positive despite its not-too-serious delivery, making The Big Gay Musical one we’re glad to add to our home movie library.

Finally, something gay worth bending over for.

“The Big Gay Musical” releases on DVD today
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