Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

When there isn’t a queen dressed in some Lady Gaga incarnation at the club these days, we begin to worry that we’ve stumbled into a hetero bar.

Whether in pop music or air travel (see below), Our Lady of the Gays has spread her stuff further and wider than a Cirque du Soleil aerialist moonlighting as an escort on the weekends.

While we’re still trying to figure out the point of Gaga’s Kermit dress or lobster hat, the avant-garde, eye-catching travel/sleeping masks from Sruli Recht utilize outlandish fashion-forward thinking in functional ways that we can wrap our heads around…err, that we can wrap around our heads.

Need to catch some sleep on the flight to Orlando for Gay Days?

Ditch the boring airline provided eye masks – the Ke$ha of travel masks, if we’re comparing them to pop stars – and unfold Sruli Recht’s version, eerily shaped from parchment paper and boasting air filters (housing refillable N95 filters) to purify that stifling circulated airplane crap.

Need to quiet that whining baby next to you but left your brandy at home?

Ditch the offensive to your ears and eyes airline-offered earplugs – the Heidi Montag of travel accessories – and opt instead for another dual-purpose parchment mask from Sruli Recht that keeps out light and sound while purifying your breathing air.

There are a total of four Gaga-esque travel/sleeping masks in the entire Hannibal Lechter-inspired collection (our assumption), each of which will keep that old lady who reeks of cat litter sitting next to you from showing you pictures of her grandkids or asking about your “wife.”

Available for pre-order now
Ships in May
Photo Credit: Marino Thorlacius