Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Spring It On

We’re diving feet first into spring, and that being the case, we want to make a great first impression. Ready to throw the oppressive winter black shoes and snow boots further back into the closet than CA State Senator Ashburn was before his DUI arrest? Take the advice below along with one or four raspberry Mojitos and call us in the morning.

John Varvatos Suede Filmore Chukka
$365 at John Varvatos
There has been a chukka chukka here, a chukka chukka there for a year or so now, but never has the hipster shoe riding high on the trend wave looked as appealing as it does when John Varvatos gets his hands all over it. The only thing better? Getting our feet all over these gorgeous suede Filmore Chukkas, and feeling a little cooler at work and the five o’clock happy hour in the process.


The Carrack from the Asics Onitsuka Tiger 2010 Collection
$70 from David Z.
Sure, it’s pleaded cheerleader like skirt or kilt accents might not be for everyone, but the classic cool boy gym shoe – Asics Tigers – get a flare of an update with a UK influence in the newly released Carrack. We think the tassels are cute and might make our extraneous elliptical sessions even more dramatic!


Work It
The Amalfi Collection from Fin’s
$165 from Fin’s For Him
Nothing screams sexy quite like the Italian Riviera – well we might best its sexy screams, depending on the size of the yacht that our beau of the moment hopes to dock in our slip. European footwear retailer Fin’s has captured the exotic amorousness of the Riviera in three pairs of striking offerings it’s titled the Amalfi Collection. A limited edition collection from Fin’s For Him, the three pairs included boast subtle spring tones of white, eggshell, pale blue and beige. Our favorite – the Ravello (pictured) – says chic and casual but screams sexy!