Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

How Sweat It Is

In a perfect world, there would be no clothes. And dare we say, no nudity, either. Because to us, a chiseled guy in a hot pair of underwear is even more exciting than having him parade around fully exposed.

A good pair of underwear leaves everything, and nothing, to the imagination all at the same time.

Of course, for that dream scenario to really catch on, everyone would have to look like the Sweat Under Gear models, which is why we sought out the sexy underwear line in the first place.

The ads feature gorgeous, sweaty, muscular men with tattoos and body hair—not exactly the norm for peddling skivvies these days. And we love it. Looking at these stunning specimens of manhood boosts our testosterone levels so quickly that our voices drop an octave when exclaiming, “Girl, that’s hot!” as we ogle the packages on the packages.

But no matter how good any brand of underwear looks on models, if it doesn’t feel good or fit right on Average Joes and Perfect Peters alike, it will end up on the clearance rack at T.J.Maxx faster than great products like the Tiddy Bear, MagneScribe or our secret to eternal youth, Rejuvenique.

That’s not the case with Sweat. Not only do their briefs, sport briefs, jocks, fighter briefs and trunks look great, they feel wonderful and fit fantastically. The cotton-spandex blend is form-fitting, and each style is designed to highlight exactly what you want to show off most – your impeccable sense of style!

Just be careful, wearing Sweat just might lead to uncharacteristic behavior like changing the oil on your car all by yourself or skipping Happy Hour for a quick game of hoops with your bros.

We know our nellie days are behind us forever.

The Sweat Under Gear line is available online and at underwear fetish emporiums select retailers nationwide.