Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Smell of the Future

We’ve been accused of being whores of many values (including clothing labels), but clothing logos aren’t something we’d lace up our strutting boots for.

Odeur’s spring/summer 2010 collection, however, includes new technology that turns the molecular structure of a scent created by the Swedish brand into its logotype – in other words, a machine-washable logo that carries a fragrance.

Not only does Odeur’s latest menswear line allow for some pleasant breathing (the manufactured scent is said to resemble CK One), but it also allows for much-missed breathing room.

We’ve played along with the hipster twinks and absorbed as much of the skinny-fitted clothing trends as we possibly could (largely by trying our damndest not to absorb so many calories), but there’s good news for those of you who, like us, might be over the skinny-jean revolution: oversized clothing is slowly marking its fashionable return.

Those who haven’t been too transfixed on the overused bronzer, rippling abs or piercing eyes of the male models trotting down catwalks in the most recent fashion weeks can confirm that baggy is back.

Odeur agrees, as evident in the flowing, ghost-like silhouettes in its scented-by-science collection.

Sure, scratch-n-sniff and extra-baggy clothing might seem for the kids, but we’re ankles over head for cutting edge garments that allow us to enjoy the daily breakfast sandwich we’ve missed most of the decade (we blame American Apparel), and that go the extra inch to let us smell subtly fragrant – instead of like bacon – afterward.

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“Before Night Falls” World Premiere
Tickets are now on sale for the world premiere of Jorge Martín’s “Before Night Falls,” presented by the Fort Worth Opera and based on the memoir of Cuban dissident and author, Reinaldo Arenas (1943-1990).

It’s a heavy, moving story that you don’t want to miss – as Reinaldo Arenas lies dying of AIDS in New York City, he remembers his beloved homeland before and after Fidel Castro took power in Cuba. Born in extreme poverty, Arenas joins Castro’s rebellion as a teen. As he matures, he realizes that Castro is not interested in a free Cuba after all. A rising poet and writer, he defies Castro when a manuscript is smuggled out of the country and published in France.

Embarrassed by the bad publicity, the regime imprisons Arenas for being a homosexual. After imprisonment and torture, he agrees to stop writing as a condition of his release, but can not handle his “silence” for long. He escapes to the U.S. in the Mariel exodus, but during his newfound freedom outside of Cuba he contracts HIV/AIDS. He rushes to complete his memoir before he commits suicide to end his suffering.

“Before Night Falls” world premiere
Presented by the Fort Worth Opera
Tickets: $17 – $149
Saturday, May 29, 8:00 p.m.
Sunday, June 6, 2:00 p.m.
Bass Performance Hall, Downtown Fort Worth
(817) 731-0726