Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

CoQed & Loaded

Bags should not be purple. This goes for the latest Dior homosatchel and it goes for the area under our eyes. We might be able to avoid buying a purple alligator manbag while strutting down Rodeo after one or several cocktails, but we can’t avoid the bags that arrive under our eyes after the same libations.

Coenzyme Q10 – known as CoQ10, but then abbreviated simply to Q10 to avoid dirty mispronunciations of the former – is known to alleviate puffiness with the same prowess as Preparation H (every drag queen’s secret), yet doesn’t inspire the same blush of red that pours over our faces when checking out at the corner drugstore.

The latest way to skip the hemorrhoid rumors and deliver the Jesus enzyme straight, err, directly to our skin is with Nivea, which has unleashed a new line of Q10 beauty products for men.

It all starts with the eyes. That’s a good rule to follow whether meeting a blind date for the first time or waking up next to him in the morning, making Nivea’s Eye Roller Gel (our favorite, $8.99) for Men an ideal first impression to the line.

There are two things we immediately adore about the product: eye rolling is our favorite passive aggressive bitchy comeback, and “gel” is the masculine form of “cream,” so we don’t have to worry about our butch-quotient being diminished if we apply it daily.

Those two factors conspire along with the Q10 to reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines, which, coincidentally, make our regular eye-rolling a more gorgeous sight for those subjected to it to behold.

The other Q10 products from Nivea that perk our attention as well as our skin include a shave cream, aftershave balm (with chamomile!) and facial lotion, all boasting the energizing properties of the magical enzyme.

Like the college sophomore we’ve been chatting with on Skype, Nivea is finally starting to think outside the box and experiment with men, which is more than we can say about its big-chain drugstore competition…

$8 – $10
Available online at Walgreens