Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Automatic Coffee Drip

If bitch were different shades of gray, us in the morning before the first cup of fresh dark roast would be pitch black – which is just how we like our coffee, coincidentally.

To make sure we never skip our morning cup – and therefore a beat – Go Coffee Go has become the Netflix of java by launching the first (as far as we know) automatic weekly coffee shipment.

Of course, if you get a little stir crazy (no pun intended) with the same cup of joe day-in, day-out, you can mix and match and order at will from Go Coffee Go’s collective of artisan roasters. With under-the-radar beans the elitist hipster clerks at Whole Foods probably keep to themselves, the online coffee-purveyor boasts everything from organic to free trade varieties, including hard-to-find, award-winning growers like Klatch, Coava and Barefoot.

But as you can probably deduce from our aforementioned excitement (or is it just our third cup of coffee finally kicking in?), the ability to have fresh roasts shipped automatically to our doors has us heels over head for Go Coffee Go.

After all, we’re as serious about how we start the day (coffee) as we are with how we end it (wine and then more coffee), so the company’s delicate attention to our palates and our ethical sensibilities is as easy to swallow as the masterful brews it leaves on our doorstep.

Autoship rates depend on the roasts you’ve queued as well as the selected time period