Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

When You Have a Mouthful…

Sometimes it’s just not obvious enough and clarification is needed. Case in point: Ricky Martin’s recent “revelation.”

When simple and lazy just won’t do, close the text message window or stop writing on that trick’s Facebook wall and head to Big Ass Message – our new favorite way to give someone the big ass picture.

We may have stumbled upon it by mistake (a typo in a recent Google query for “big ass massage” – don’t ask), but the serendipitous relationship has been nothing but bliss and has come in handy on more than one occasion.

Grandma’s cataracts (and seizures) prevent her from enjoying that e-card you spent all of 15 seconds drafting for her birthday?

Type up a simple “Happy birthday” greeting in any of four fonts and Big Ass Message will create a private web page featuring, yup, you guessed it, a big ass message Grandma can decipher all the way from her snazzy walk-in bathtub – provided she sets her Jitterbug down long enough to read it.

One night stand not getting the hint?

Head over to Big Ass Message to pen a classy and inarguable way of letting the poor soul down, then shoot them (probably via Adam4Adam, we’re guessing) the personal URL the web tool creates to link them to the webpage. (“It wasn’t big enough,” is a time-tested, crystal-clear message we would suggest.)

As of press time the customization of messages afforded by BAM are few, including only four fonts (our favorite is JPRDY!). But it’s not how you use it – it’s the size that counts, right?