Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Trees Say Please

We can be dirty, dirty boys. But the rainforest shouldn’t have to pay for our messiness. We pay that hot piece from Jockstrap Maid Service for it.

Sure, in the old days it was known as a handkerchief, in the present Britney Spears simply refers to it as her “Juicy sweatpants,” but personal, reusable towels have never been timelier than the here and now.

People Towels is heralding in the return with a collection of 100% organic (and 100% cute) reusable towels. In the interest of cutting down on waste accumulated by the use of paper towels as well as cutting down the amount of trees that are, well, cut down (for lack of better words), the offerings from People Towels are aesthetically adorable so that they catch our queer eyes better than that hot bear on the Brawny packaging.

Even though we’ll be staring at them a lot from now on, whether in our gym bag, man bag or back pocket, the dozen designs (and growing) from People Towels keeps staying clean fresh.

Still technically handkerchiefs, People Towels might end up the latest signals in the unspoken gay nomenclature of handkerchief-displaying. But what fetish would these reusable towels convey? A fetish for Earth Day gays, perhaps?

Come to think of it, what better way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day than by cruising a local gorgeous green park with an environmentally-friendly People Towel dangling from our back right pocket?

Or should it be our back left…?

Single towels, $8; 3 towels, $21; 5 towels, $35