Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Tuck & Cover

Two things come to mind when we think of fanboys, long lines, hype and hysteria: Lady Gaga and iPad. And though mom has trumpeted the wonders of Etsy.com, her fanfare had fallen on deaf ears – that is until we found the Holy Grail of gay craftiness that marries our obsessions: Lady Gaga iPad covers.

That’s right, two things we get as geeky as mom gets over Robert Redford and Spanx combined into two beautiful, vinyl decals from artist Ivy Bee.

More reserved than Lady Gaga’s typical flare for sensory overload, the device decals are the perfect way to let that hottie sitting across from you at Starbuck's know you’re down for the disco stick without having to wear your Zac Posen blouse-cut lavender button down and “Oh Girl!” embroidered paisley ascot.

In other words, the removable vinyl designs strike a subtle balance that lets your personality (and Haus of Gaga membership) shine without going over the top – or bottom, depending on who you’re trying to impress.

And think about it: having Lady Gaga cover your iPad is nearly as striking and water-cooler convo worthy as when Lady Gaga covered Elton John (though less sweaty).