Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Tyler Dirt-End

Out of the things we want from the cult-classic Fight Club to penetrate our real lives, the iconic soap from the film doesn’t top our list quite like Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. But we’ll take it. It’ll make our weekly reenactment of scenes from the movie more authentic.

To help us prepare for the role Edward Norton made infamous (a character that has a little bit of Brad Pitt inside of him, which sounds like a fantasy of ours), a line of soap parroting the pink bars plastered across all of the film’s marketing has been unleashed for us dirty boys.

Sure, the hot, masculine flick is a relic from the last decade and the new soap might have been a more appropriate release in 2002, but we’re not gonna send it back in a hot tube time machine anytime soon. After all, the billy goat/homeless man look our boy Brad has been rocking the past year (we blame Angie!) makes us nostalgic for the Pitt of the past – and the Fight Club soap helps the distant memories of his chiseled, bare chin wash over us.

So, we’ll overlook the odd-timing of the cute soap for a few reasons:

It’s pink.
We need to clean ourselves off after brainstorming Brad Pitt innuendo’s for this piece.

To that end, the curious Fight Club replicas get the hand job done, and will provide a great ice breaker for the next boy we shower with!

2 pack of soap, $25 (includes shipping and handling)