Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Measure of a Man

Thanks goes out to Inch Wear for affording size queens and princesses in gayborhoods across the nation extra room in their summertime homosatchels.

Because of the ballsy (well, shafty, really) and to-the-point-inch apparel, we can leave the measuring tape at home, making room for the toilet seat covers (a recession proof necessity for absorbing facial perspiration – you’re welcome!) and emergency Speedos (another helpful homo summertime tip) in our manbags.

About the most blatant t-shirt we’ve seen yet, Inch Wear allows guys to walk around boasting the length of their package – or the length they’d like people to believe.

While we’re still waiting for the F/W 2010 line to include other vital dimensions of manhood, the current offerings from Inch Wear make life easier for those of us reputed to be easy. The deed to our house might be at risk of being signed over if we ever encounter a customer who has ordered the 10” shirt from Inch Wear, but we take it all with grains of salt rimming our morning margarita.

Let us ‘splain.

Because of our rigorous scientific testing of the “AOL Inches” theory – subsidized in part by Manhunt University – we understand that not all inches are honest, a systematic fact that has inspired us to send Inch Wear our resume, you know, in case they’re hiring quality control associates to work in the field and confirm that everyone’s order is accurate.