Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Disappearing Into Ether(net)

Thinking about end-of-life legalities often makes us want to die. Well, actually, they make us not want to die. Until full federal equality – there are 1,400 reasons why civil unions won't do – is achieved, the hoops we must navigate as gay Americans in such legal matters are so high and complex we might as well join Cirque du Soleil.

As been the case for the past decade, most of the progress we've made has been because of the internet, which is exactly where most of our lives are now stored. Entrustet is a new service that lets us organize, manage and dictate who gets what from our digital lives – whether we're gay or straight – once we're off celebrating in the eternal White Party known as the afterlife.

After signing up, users dictate who has access to everything from account passwords for social networks to the personal photos, videos and documents stored on hard drives.

If, like us, there are some digital aspects of your life that you want in the incinerator alongside your physical self, Entrustet will delete these selections as well.

No matter the amount of acai/gogi berry smoothie blends we get at Jamba or human growth hormones we buy in the alley behind Madonna's “doctor's” office, our day will come, even if it includes being frozen upright in a lab until they figure out a cure for chronic rug burn of the knees.

So if the Tea Party wins all upcoming elections and therefore both correct-spelling and LGBT rights become unachievable in our lifetime, at least our great gay grandchildren will have access to our WordPress blogs to learn about us fighting veneer and nail for their equality.

Sign up for free at www.entrustet.com