Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Two Guys & A Cup

After a long tea-bagging session this morning (because we like our tea strong), we realized we’d been withholding important information from you guys.

We’re always on the hunt for the newest, trendiest places in town that sometimes we forget we haven’t told you about some of our favorite haunts that have been around for years. The Cultured Cup is just such a place.

Owners Phil Krampetz and Kyle Stewart have turned tea drinking into an art form. In fact, Kyle is a Certified Tea Specialist by the Specialty Tea Institute. Think sommelier, but for tea. He’s the first Texan to be awarded this title, and one of only 23 people in the entire world with this level of recognition for tea expertise. (We wonder if when all of the specialists get together it’s like a meeting of the Super Friends.)

With Kyle’s knowledge of great teas, don’t expect him to be doing the Nestea Plunge or going out on a date with the Tetley Tea Lady any time soon.

He and Phil offer a genuine tea experience. They explain the benefits of each variety in such great, enthusiastic detail that you can practically see the people harvesting the leaves in far-off exotic lands as they prep your order.

But with summer around the corner, we’re not exactly jonesing to brew a pot of hot tea to enjoy out by the pool (or at our second summer job as daytime roofing contractors in Ecuador).

No, we’re all about the iced tea (unsweetened, extra lemon, thank you). And nobody offers more varieties of exotic, perfect-for-iced-tea flavors than these guys. They can recommend teas that will make the most amazing cold brews you’ve ever tasted. Hell, we might even give up cocktails this summer in favor of tall glasses of Blood Orange Black Tea (one of our faves). We’ll just have to take up heroine to balance out the lack of alcohol in our systems.

So stop by and chat with Phil and Kyle. They’re fascinating guys and will always steer you in the right direction for your at-home brewing pleasure. Or just hang out in their gorgeous shop and sip on a cup with your pinky in the air.

Plus, you never know when a celebrity might stop by. The other day, Chace Crawford stopped in for a little afternoon tea. In fact, we’ve been camping out ever since waiting on his return.

We sure hope it’s soon, because we could really use a hot shower and a little food.

The Cultured Cup
8312 Preston Center Plaza Drive, Dallas
(972) 960-1521 or (888) VIP-TEAS