Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Muscle Worship

If we had a superpower, it would most likely be the ability to telepathically convince producers to let us see Ryan Reynolds in a skin-tight superhero costume in Green Lantern, trumping their well-publicized decision to provide him with a CGI body throughout the entire upcoming flick. That's like asking Beyonce to lip-synch over a recorded track during a “live” performance! It'd never (wink) happen!

Well, as we wait for the other superstud superhero – Chris Evans – to don his skin tight suit on the big screen (and we sure hope it's big), we hit the gym hard, dreaming of one day snagging a gay superhero of our own.

While our warm-weather musculature is mostly smoke and mirrors and creatine, we do enough squats to warrant a post-workout recovery. Typically we let our muscles relax with a quick steam room session or some deep, deep tissue penetration (no puns intended), but the Recharge Energy Suit from Under Armour is about to flip the sports therapy world onto its stomach.

At first glance the Recharge suit appears like something illustrated in the pages of a comic book, or perhaps even doodled in our journal of possible fantasy boyfriends.

Tight for a purpose (and the purpose isn't to score more drinks bought by daddies at the Eagle), the body suit contains strategic areas of compression that stabilize muscles, and wraps around the wearer's entire frame like a glove to reduce swelling, soreness and fatigue.

And yes, the Recharge Energy Suit does sport a working fly. We'll leave deciding the benefits of this feature up to you.