Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Good Morning, Taco Lover!

Nobody can ever accuse us of not being culinary adventurers. We’re sorta like the Indiana Jones of dining. Except we’re not that old. And we’re not afraid of snakes. But we do know how to work the hell out of a whip.

Our newest obsession is one of those little hole-in-the-wall discoveries that we live to unearth. When we find a delicious restaurant completely on our own, without reading a review or getting advice from friends, it’s like the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey should be playing as we walk through the door.

Taco Shop in East Dallas was just such a monumental discovery. It’s not in a great neighborhood by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s not scary, either (except maybe for anyone reading this from their suburban bubbles of chain stores, McMansions and Mom Jeans). Every day for weeks, we drove down East Grand, completely unfazed by the guy spinning a giant arrow-shaped sign emblazoned with the words “BREAKFAST TACOS.” So one morning, we decided to follow the arrow and investigate further.

In a non-descript strip center next door to Willie’s Bar (the bikers are often already there at 9:30 in the morning!), Taco Shop doesn’t look like much on the outside. Well, not on the inside for that matter, either. (And don’t even try to find the place on Google, it’s currently impossible.) The menu is hand-written on brightly colored pieces of construction paper cut into fun starburst shapes with accompanying color-copier photos of various dishes.

At $1.50 each for three-ingredient Breakfast Tacos, we thought these would be the sort of tiny Mexico-city style tacos that barely cover the palm of our hand. So we ordered three different kinds, just to try them out. We were handed a box that must’ve weighed two pounds, stuffed full of taco-y goodness. We now only order two, and sometimes even that’s tough to finish.

Ingredients include scrambled eggs, sausage, Chorizo, bacon, onions, cheese, cilantro, refried beans and potatoes. Any combination of three is included in the buck-fiddy price, and only $.25 more for add-ons. Our two favorite combinations: Bacon, Egg, Potato and Onion (ask them to cook the onions, or they’ll be raw); and Chorizo, Egg, Potato and Cheese. (See, we’re big spenders, forking over a whopping $1.75 per taco.)

The salsa is fall-on-your-ass hot, so use it sparingly until you know your tolerance. They’ve got free Wi-Fi, they’re super-friendly, and the kitchen is sparkly clean. What more could you want? Free coffee? Never fear, the pot of hot water and jar of instant coffee crystals is right there by the door.

Far from fancy, Taco Shop offers an amazingly delicious breakfast. It has become our Saturday morning ritual. And Monday. And often Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. But never on Arbor Day or Lincoln’s Birthday. We have to draw the line somewhere.

1107 Beacon Street, Dallas
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