Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Don’t Stop Believin’

If you thought Grindr, MyGayGo or pocket Judy Garland were the gayest things to touch Apple’s App Store since our recently-pedicured fingers, you’re wrong: the new Glee app for iPhone and iPad wins the pink-Swarovski-encrusted Queen’s crown.

Glee’s not a simple musical show, nor is its eponymous app a simple karaoke game. Yea, the same pitch correction software that’s now ubiquitous in singing games as well as in the studio (it helped J-Lo put on her Loubotins, after all) is included, but a neat feature we haven’t seen yet on karaoke-style games makes its debut on the Glee app: harmonies.

Following a bar of music and lyrics, players aim to hit the correct notes with a variety of songs performed on Glee this season, all with the helpful addition of cast background vocals as well as harmonies cut from the player’s own voice for guidance.

The timing couldn’t be better: the Glee Live tour is readying its launch and, pardon us for the sacrilege, fellow pansies, but we don’t want to sound like modern-day Whitney as we sing along live from the audience. The Glee app can be our vocal coach, our Mr. Schuster, if you will.

We’ve already put our mouths to plenty of inanimate objects with him in mind, so why not this singing game?