Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Assume The Position

Sitting isn’t as easy as we look.

First there has to be the necessary hardware available to plop ourselves onto, whether a sofa, chair, park bench or Tea Party-approved folding chair for the plus-sized.

When none of the options are at hand, well, technically, booty, what are we supposed to do? Stand? Yea right, we’re not savages. We have our iPads we can play with to kill time while in line for Glee Live tickets, and standing involves too much multitasking for us to really get into our Grindr.

Taking a cue from generations of use by the Ayoreo Indians of South America (whom proceeds from sale of the product benefit), Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena has introduced “Chairless” for swanky design company Vitra. Based on the indigenous tribes’ sitting straps, Chairless is a “seat” that fits in your pocket made of an 85 cm long sturdy strap.

No cushion for the booty in sight? Remove the folded, aesthetically pleasing fabric strap (we love the pink accents!) from your homo satchel, grab your knees (we know you’ve got this step down) and fasten Chairless around your back and shins. It removes the tension on the spine and legs, making uncomfortable but necessary sitting times on sidewalks, grass or the bathroom floor of the local gay watering hole vastly more effortless.

We think it’s based on physics or geometry or some other mathy-science discipline.

All we know is that Chairless is like a seatbelt for the knees – which, considering what we’ve put them through, is just what the hunky doctor ordered.

Stocks sell out quickly
Next orders available in June
Jump on the waiting list at www.vitra.com/chairless