Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Our Love Is A Ripe, Ripe Banana

When love is deep and true, mere prose cannot do justice.

So on those rare occasions that we fall madly and deeply, we like to wax poetic. Our most famous works, on display in the Library of Congress, include Song for Ryan Reynolds, Stopping by JR’s on a Snowy Evening, and We Know Why the Caged Go-Go Boy Sings.

Herewith, our latest: an epic verse on something we cherish more intensely than we ever thought possible.

How Do We Love Thee?
By Gay List Daily

How do we love thee? Let us count the ways.
We love thee to the center of your deep amber cake
Filled with ripened bananas, in the oven to bake
We love thee more than vodka (hard to admit for us gays)
But you’re so divinely delicious, we’re now in a craze.

We love thee for honey, brown sugar and cream
Used to make this creation the star of our dreams.
We love the rum ice cream atop the dark glaze
From the brûléed bananas, their crackling sugar does gleam.

We love thee for caramel, sweet-salty ribbons at play.
We love thee at brunch, we love thee at dinner
If only dining at DISH would help make us thinner.

So today as we riff on dear Liz Barrett Browning
We celebrate desserty achievement that’s oh-so worth crowning.
Pasty Chef Whitney Filloon, we think we might marry
Even though she’s a woman, it’s a charade we would carry.
Just to have everyday access to our latest obsession,
Warm Banana Cake, please, don’t judge this confession.

But like Mom always said, better to have lust for a cake
Than relations with donkeys, her most tragic mistake.
Hmmm, perhaps we’re divulging far too much information
In a poem that worships this delightful confection,
Which quite simply put is nothing short of perfection.

Warm Banana Cake at DISH
4123 Cedar Springs Road (inside ilume), Dallas
(214) 522-3474