Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Power of the Pouch

A banana seat, lavender glossed wicker basket and periwinkle tassles that crackled when we sped downhill; our first bike – a gift from our parents at age six – was everything we had asked for. But we’ve grown and butched it up a bit since and our bicycles have followed suit.

Though the trendiest accessories in the neighborhood (nearly beating out strollers for that spot), modern adult incarnations of the bike, oddly enough, don’t provide runway-worthy updates on wicker baskets. The Bike Pouch from Billykirk is changing that with a bag fit for both the catwalk and mountain bike trail.

Sure, frenemies have said that we’ll take whatever we can get between our legs, but it’s simply not true. We need an item that carries a decent load and catches the eyes of those standing by, just like Billykirk’s bag.

Some retailers suggest that the Bike Pouch be used to hold the items that can help fix a flat tire, but we think it’s better suited for housing our Burt’s Beeswax or emergency bronzer. After all, if we do end up suffering a blowout (not the fun kind), after pulling over to the side of the road those are the tools that will matter.

With a fresh face applied – and with help from the fashionable magnetism Billykirk’s Pouch emits – we’ll be able to attract a hottie who is good enough with his hands to help us change our tire, and maybe later, our sheets.

Available in black, brown, natural and tan