Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Rubbed The Right Way

Yea, we’ll take our summertime meat slabs anyway we can wrap our lips around them, but the rubs from Adam’s Goods makes them even more palate pleasing.

And before we go too far with the innuendo, Adam’s Meat Rubs are not selections from a new line of lube – they’re small-batch, homemade culinary accouterments key to producing other-worldly tasting steak, pork and other BBQ mainstays this summer.

Kicking it up for meat-hungry palates like ours are offerings like Adam’s steak rub (garlic, black and red peppers, coriander and dill seeds), Adam’s pork rub (with sugar to finally achieve that restaurant-quality browned pork chop), and a versatile BBQ rub that can be used in its natural powder form for a subtle flavor, or mixed with vinegar for a uniquely vibrant sauce.

But our favorite, ankles up, is Adam’s coffee rub.

We didn’t know it before Adam rubbed our meat, but coffee grinds might be the best meat tenderizer there is. Adding some to pork not only makes it moister than previously encountered, but adds a new dimension of flavor to the meat that leaves us wanting more.

Who knew that rubbing the meat could yield such satisfying results? Yes, we know. You did.

Steak, Pork and Coffee rubs, $10; BBQ rub, $6
Not including shipping and handling