Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Food Fetish

No longer is love the main ingredient in momma’s meals; it’s now substituted with lust and a side of obedience.

If we didn’t have a food fetish before, author Jason Bailin’s strict, sexy and dominating recipes printed on the pages of Get In The Kitchen Bit@hes might jumpstart some culinary kink.

But before the recipes even begin Bailin warns readers that he’s not a chef; instead he’s just a cute, snarky guy possessing a working knowledge of which foods go together and why (and a dynamic affinity for BDSM).

Despite Bailin’s self-revocation of the “chef” title, at least a few recipes in GITKB engage our palates more forcefully than the padlocked bounds the book’s provocative innuendos make us consider (“On Your Knees, Chicken!” and “Miso Honee Stir Fry” come to our Mary Minds.)

Still, while the tongue-in-chaps-cheek cookbook is stocked-full with delicious dishes, Bailin’s main message to readers reminds us how ridiculously easy it is to prepare healthy, homemade dishes for ourselves given a little proper (and dominating) training.

Sure, it’s more Julia Wild than Julia Child, proving that GITKB isn’t prim prose or high-art lit. But this campy cooking title isn’t supposed to be. To the contrary, Bailin encourages us to get down low and dirty in the kitchen – which we’ve done a dozen times before, but never while making dinner…

Published by Whipped & Beaten Culinary Works, Inc. (we felt inclined to mention the clever name of the publishing house)