Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Who’s Yours?

The world of online dating is getting nichier by the minute. Nichier, that’s a word, right?

All over cyberspace, you can now find your soul mate (or hookity-hookup) in the most unexpected places. There are sites for Trekkies, those into wearing diapers and the ones who love them, and then some that are just truly disgusting.

So, it should come as no surprise that gay dating sites are getting more and more specific. Our favorite new one is Daddyhunt.com. Whether you’re a daddy yourself or on the hunt for a sexy older man, this site makes every day Father’s Day.

The current user ratio is 2:1 hunters to Daddies, so you do the math. This is one site where being a Daddy can really pay off.

We checked it out for a few weeks and met some really great guys on both sides of the equation. And thanks to a really successful hunting season, we now have a wall full of the mounted heads of our favorite Daddies. (Just kidding, we prefer taxidermy in more natural poses.)

And like men on every other dating site, Daddies come in all shapes and sizes, with the definition meaning different things to different people. So if you’re looking to see if Father really knows best, check out Daddyhunt.com today. And thanks to Gay List Daily, you can try it for free until June 1, 2010!

Papa, can you hear us?

Free to our readers until June 1, 2010
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