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The Power Diet

It goes without saying, but thin is good. In fact, we stared at a picture of a bagel for breakfast (we’re still full from looking at it) in the hopes of achieving thinness by summer. Maybe the iPhone Power Skin from MiLi will get us there sooner.

No, it’s not the newest diet craze, though it might help our waist lose some extra weight – MiLi reports that the Power Skin is the thinnest external iPhone battery on the market. And it’s sexy too!

We love our iPhone for the music, web surfing, YouTubing, Grindring, gaming and more (not so much for the phoning, thanks AT&T!), but our unadulterated iPhone use takes a vicious toll on the device’s battery life. We’ve had our gorgeous eyes on external battery cases for a while now, but for once in our lives, we need it to be smaller (six words we’ve never before uttered).

The case from MiLi features an external battery it claims will double the power time of an iPhone 3G or 3GS, but in a slim casing that’ll actually fit in the tiny pockets of our beach shorts or skinny jeans without needing the Jaws of Life to remove.

Much less visible and adding extra power to our iPhones to boot, MiLi’s new cases are available in two-tone color combinations and offer the same aesthetic/hardware protection from our clumsy hands that most protective covers boast.

Next time you’re wondering if that’s an extra iPhone battery in our pocket or we’re just happy to see you – the answer is clear: we’re just happy to see you.

MSRP, $69.95
On Amazon for just $38.50