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Fit To Be Tried

Somebody once told us, “You’re so skinny a strong wind could blow you over.” Well, now it would probably take a pretty strong tornado. It’s not that we’re fat, but we’re definitely not gentle-breeze skinny any more.

So to keep what’s left of our girlish figure, we work out regularly at the gym, attend Dr. Peay’s Booty Camp three times a week, and limit ourselves to just one margarita per week day hour. But it’s the food that kills us.

We love to eat and part of our job as your Trend Teller and Fab Finder requires us to eat a lot of fattening (muy delicioso) foods on a regular basis. Crème brûlée, sadly, is one of our four main food groups.

We need and want to eat better, but we’re not about to order Jenny Craig processed slop. And the last time we had a frozen dinner in our freezer, Clinton was in office and Ellen DeGeneres was still in the closet. We’ve even tried gourmet, diet meals delivered to our front door, but they had about as much flavor as the door itself.

It’s all enough to really get our sequined workout shorts in a twist.

Driving down Lemmon Avenue last week, we were thrilled to see a billboard for My Fit Foods. Curious about the new place, we called up the manager and the next day we were in the newly opened store checking out the whole operation. We were seriously impressed. They prepare the meals fresh six days per week (resting on Saturday so they can catch early morning cartoons) and offer multiple portion sizes of each breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack choice.

With nearly forty options, we were stumped as to what to try, so luckily, manager Dave Cote sent us home with two giant bags of meals. And everything we tried was flavorful, filing and fabulous (three of our favorite F words).

All options are low in fat, sodium and sugar. The carbs are low-glycemic. And there are no preservatives.

Our morning favorites include the fried-tortilla-free Migas and the Mix-n-Mash Breakfast, which features grilled chicken and rice, two not-so-ordinary breakfast ingredients.

The best part to us is the 5:1 ratio for the eggs, which translates to five egg whites and 1 yolk. Not sure about you, but we can’t stand pure egg whites. They give us horrible post-Easter flashbacks to all the blue, purple and orange hardboiled eggs our Mom made us eat.

For lunch, the Turkey Pasta is simply delish with lean ground turkey and plenty of spices on brown-rice spaghetti. At dinner, the Baked Atlantic Salmon on a bed of quinoa and broccoli was also a huge hit in our household. Chicken fajitas were wonderfully spicy and the Beef Tenderloin Roasted Vegetable dinner seriously satisfied our carnivorous tendencies.

Eating healthy has never been easier thanks to nutrition labels on the outside of each fresh-made meal, giving a quick overview of calories, fat and protein. And an on-site nutritionist is even available to help you make the most of your meal options. It’s everything we need to get in the best shape and health of our life.

So with any luck, after we take the 21-Day My Fit Foods Challenge, we’ll be able to get blown soon. Er, blown AWAY soon. Clumsy fingers.

4015 Lemmon Avenue, Dallas
(214) 780-0275

Second location opening today at Preston Center

Print out this e-mail, show it on your smart phone, or simply mention Gay List Daily and receive 15% off your order now through May 31, 2010. (Lemmon Avenue location only).