Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

20/20 Vision

The Internet is not your friend. It’s more like an ex-boyfriend that you still kind of like and check up on but who won’t think twice about saying something nasty about you behind your (stunningly gorgeous) back. Shut him (the Internet, not your ex) up with Vizibility.

The still-in-beta creative networking tool reminds us that being Googled isn’t as fun as it sounds.

Prospective employers, dates, business partners and the damn paparazzi are constantly using the world-dominating search engine to get all up in our bidness.

If we didn’t earn (we worked very hard for it!) the sort of reputation that currently precedes us, being Googled might not be such a problem. But being vetted through a search engine is likely to turn up items that we wish would’ve just stayed scribbled on the men’s room stall at the park. Vizibility aims to return our online reputations back under to our control.

After plugging in a few key pieces of information (name, employment history, desired search result keywords), Vizibility then creates a nifty little “Search Me” button that can be added to networking sites (LinkedIn, Monster, Plaxo, etc.). When those who’ve caught scent of your pheromones want to pursue more of your fabulosity over the interwebs, they can use the customized button to find themselves at a Google (Bing and Yahoo engines coming soon) search results page with only the web links you deem appropriate revealed.

Better get comfortable handing out orders – when you harness (studded, of course) Vizibility, you’re putting a ball-gag in the world wide web. Submit, internets!

Tiered plans up to $29.95/year
Vizibility “Search Me” button, free
Available in beta now